Most important events in Capri


Has a Top 3 things to do in Capri convinced you yet to visit this amazing place? But what if you find out that starting April till the end of the summer, this amazing island comes to life from an artistic and cultural point of view as well? Everything that happens during this time emanates dynamism, love for life and beauty and power of a rich and amazing history. Almost every evening you will be able to enjoy wonderful concerts held in the many squares in town pr in the breathtaking villas built by the Emperor Tiberius. Art exhibitions, plays, dance performances, all come out as if trying to prove once again what an amazing culture Italians have.

 Therefore let’s see which are the Most important events in Capri:

1.Capri Film Festival


Capri Film Festival is an international event, taking place since 1991, gathering Italian actors and actresses and of course Hollywood stars and filmmakers keen to present their work in this amazing location. It is considered a high-ranking event, featuring film-premieres, Italy’s greatest classic movies and great interviews with important figures of the international film scene. Therefore just put on your best dress or suit and pray to God that Brad Pitt attends the festival.

2. International Folklore Festival

International Folklore Festival lies among the Most important events in Capri. It is held in the first week of August in the large squares of the island. You will be delighted by the traditional folk music and dances and by the costumes the singers or dancers are wearing. International Folklore Festival will give you a clearer and deep insight on what the Italian culture represents and how much it should be appreciated.

3. Festival of Sant’Antonio


Every 13th of June, the local celebrate this religious event, Festival of Sant’Antonio. This amazing ritual is actually a celebration of the Patron Saint of Anacapri, Saint Antonio. After the somber procession that is being performed carrying the statue of the Saint on the streets of the island people rejoice this special day by throwing broom flower, also known as the Saint’s flower.  All the ceremony is accompanied by a marching band and ends with a large rustic festival, where people eat traditional food. Being part of this procession is a truly amazing experience, so do make sure you include the date of 13th of June in your trip to this amazing place, simply called Capri.

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