Most important events in Central Sardinia

Sardinia Horse Race, ©Bo Valentin/Flickr

Sardinia is a place where one will be easily entertained and never get bored. In order to experience the true nature and essence of Sardinia you must simply attend one of the many festivals, carnivals and events which take place on the island. Throughout the whole year there are several religious celebrations, colorful carnivals and other events which make the island of Sardinia a great holiday location. Experience century old traditions and peak into the history of Sardinia. You can enjoy watching the splendid costumes, magnificent jewelry and other handmade crafts made the locals. Attend any of the events and join the fun.

Colorful events

On the island of Sardinia carnivals always have been among the most popular pastimes. Imagine the streets packed with colorful masks, people in costumes and lots of food all around. To top it all the setting is only complete with a serious amount of local folklore.

Carnival in Sardinia, ©cristianocani/Flickr

Join the event, drink and eat as much as you need and spend a wonderful time together with the locals. In Oristano an event called Sa Sartiglia takes place every year where skilled equestrian showmen perform and present the medieval history of the island. It is an exciting and spectacular show worth attending.

The Easter holiday

Easter time is a festivity celebrated all over the world and Sardinia is no exception. This season holiday is an important event when all the villages and towns get their festive attire on. Locals dress up in costumes and all the buildings are decorated with dramatic displays. It is a beautiful and lovely time of the year when Sardinia celebrates the Easter holiday.

Easter night in Sardinia, ©worak/Flickr

Religious celebration

Every year in the month of May the town dwellers of Bitti come together and celebrate the festival of Our Lady of the Annunciation, also called the Festa dell’ Annunziata. The event has been a tradition for many years and is one of the religious festivals of Sardinia. Join this event and watch the locals present traditional dancing.

Fearless locals

Once a year in the town of Sedilo the S’Ardia Horse Race takes place. It is a very exciting event where bareback horse riders race fearlessly around Sant’Antine church while the audience vehemently cheers them. Enjoy this thrilling spectacle where testosterone buzzes and virility is on full display.

Sardinia Horse Race, ©Bo Valentin/Flickr

There are several other events throughout the whole year where you can join in and have fun with the local community. You can choose a certain destination in Sardinia and the date to be able to join in the event but even if you are on holiday on a random date surely you will find a festival in a town nearby.

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