Most interesting tours around Bologna



You need from five to six days to visit all the amazing landmarks of Bolognaand to get to know its lifestyle, nightlife and effervescent cultural life. Therefore if your holiday has been planned to last more than one week, you might night to consider reviewing the most interesting tours around Bologna. And trust me, it is worthwhile

1. Sports car tour

If you are a big fan of sports car (and not only), then you should not miss this full day tour to the Italian sports car museums and collections, more precisely to Lamborghini, Ferrari and Ducati. Your English speaking guide will provide you with all the necessary information, introducing you thus to the glamorous life of the rich and famous owners of such amazing jewels. You also have the option to personalize your tour and you can rest reassured that the choices are endless.

2. Gourmet Tour


As I as telling you in my former articlesBolognais worldly recognized for its amazingly delicious cuisine. Which are the gems of the Bolognese culinary art? Chocolate, mortadella and of course pasta. This tour invites you to a walking day to the medieval market of the city. It is an ideal way to savor its city and culture, but also its traditional dishes. This tour gives you the opportunity to visit a traditional bakery, pasta maker, mortadella shop, chocolate maker and osteria, to talk to their owners and to find an answer to any of your questions. You can be sure that at the end of your day not only you questions will have an answer, but also your appetite will be appeased.

3. Wine Tasting Tour


This six-hour tour will give you the chance to visitModena’s famous Old Vinegar Works, the home of traditional balsamic vinegar. It is here that you will try an amazing mixture of homemade ice cream (gelato) topped with a deliciousModenabalsamic vinegar sauce. As you can imagine you will also enjoy a tasting of the wine vendors’ specialty products. An English speaking guide will host this hassle-free private tour, which you can also personalize for an extra amount of money.

It is true that some of the most interesting tours around Bologna can reach quite expensive prices, but the experience is quite unique and in the end you will realize that it worths every dollar and every effort.

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