Most interesting tours around Capri


If your vacation lasts more than one week, then you can take into consideration the most interesting tours around Capri. This region has so much to offer, there are so many breathtaking views to admire and secret historical stories to discover that it would be a pity to limit yourself only to the island.

All journeys will be organized by experienced and professional groups that will do their best to make your day as pleasant as possible, taking you on a series of fabulous trips that will turn this magical region into a living legend.

Therefore let’s find out which are the most interesting tours around Capri:

A tour around the island


Capri seen from the sea is even more beautiful than from the island. A tour around the island is a unique and great experience.  Admiring its coast is like watching a dramatic play. All the cliffs, the tiny bays and the mysterious bays give a particular charm to this amazing place. If you are a good swimmer and the weather is sunny, the trip’s hosts will dip the anchor and will invite you to take a bath in the crystal-clear water surrounding the island. The rich flora and fauna that you will be able to admire will make you feel blessed for having had the chance to visit such a wonderful place.


If you are looking for something more dynamic then hiking might be the perfect solution for you.  A walk up to the Villa Jovis, one of the most important places built during the reign of Caesar Augustus and Tiberius, or a nature hike on Monte Solaro is what you are looking for. The peak of Monte Solaro can be reached by foot in one hour and a half or in only 12 minutes if you are choosing the more lazy and comfortable option of taking the chair lift. Once arrived to the top you will be mesmerized by the 360 degree panorama over Capri.

Beyond Capri


Please choose this option only when you are sure that you have exhausted all the numerous and amazing options this island has to offer. If your time allows you this, then do leave the island for other amazing adventures. Regular ferryboats and hydrofoils transport visitors from the island to the nearby ports of Naples and Sorrento.  Apart from visiting these two amazing cities, you can also discover the archaeological sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum or do adventurous trips to the Vesuvius volcano.

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