Most popular events in Bologna


Just imagine a city full of students and tourists. Can you imagine the effervescence this place has inside? The University life, the amazing cuisine, the breathtaking architecture, the friendly people, all makes Bologna one of the most attractive cities in Italy. Therefore if you plan to visit this wonderful destination, make sure at least one of the many events in the area is taking place. Not only will this help you better resonate with the culture, but your chances of getting more active within the city’s true spirit will grow.

Therefore let’s find out which are the most popular events in Bologna:

1. Carnevale


Just like anywhere else around Italy, Bologna celebrates the carnival in its way. All you need is a mask and two rested feet that will allow you to wonder up and down the streets in the city. It is a perfect time not only to take part at the joy of this local event, but also to admire the allegorical carousels and to meet new people. You will also have the opportunity to taste delicious traditional cookies or to buy small presents for the dear ones.

2. Bologna Festival

 Bologna Festival brings together one of the most prestigious international names in the area of classic music. It usually takes place twice a year: in spring, somewhere between March and May, and in fall, between October and November. Therefore if you are in Bologna in this time of the year, do not forget to bring with you your best clothes.

3. San Marino Formula 1 Grand Prix


I am sure your attention has already been stirred. The Imola racetrack takes place in May. On Sundays you can watch the races and on Friday and Saturday the trials.

4. Danza Urbana

If you are fond of dancing and having fun, then Bologna is waiting for you in the month of July. It is during this time of the year that extraordinary performances are being held in important squares of the city and the clubs will never be that full. The city is even more dynamic and you will come across people having fun all over the place.

5. Bologna e la Citta del Cibo (Bologna is the city of food)


Let’s not forget the food lovers. This festival is obviously dedicated to gastronomy. Some of the staged in town are turned into places for culinary performances and visitors can taste the delight and delicious dishes that are offered by the competing cooks.

These are only but a few of the most popular events in Bologna. What I can assure you is that no matter the time of the year, you will most certainly have the chance to witness an important festival in the city.

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