Most scenic fishing villages in Italy


I would dare to claim that Italy is probably one of the most blessed countries in the world. I mean, just think about it: it has a rich history full of amazing stories, an enriching culture, a wonderful language, a delicious cuisine, lots of monuments, museums and castles and to top all these, a perfect landscape. Not only the shape of this country is one of the most interesting in the world, but Italy has everything you wished for in terms of landscape, from mountains to sea, hills to plains.  What is also mesmerizing about this place is that no matter where you are, in less than two hours you can reach the sea. Be it for relaxation, for a simple swimming day or for enjoying the most scenic fishing villages in Italy, you will get there without having to worry about how to plan your day.

Therefore if you wish to visit the most scenic fishing villages in Italy, you can check out the following



If you have ever wondered how Heaven looks like, then you should definitely visit this amazing fishing village and you might get an answer. Located on the Amalfi Coast, Positano has everything your heart desired. Just imagine a picturesque small still crowded village, with neat white houses, luxuriant gardens and amazing alleys, all facing the sea as if disobeying this fascinating force of nature that influenced this village’s destiny. The beach, quite unique, made of black volcanic sand is guarded by two medieval towers telling the story of an agitated past. At Positano you can enjoy a relaxing vacation including swimming, sunbathing, eating delicious dishes and of course fishing.

Riviera del Conero


Do you know those amazing postcards with amazing white sand beaches and crystal clear waters that make you wonder where in world are these amazing places? Riviera del Conero is definitely one of them. The breathtaking beaches alternate with dramatic cliffs and pine forests. The charming towns surrounding this place are full of history, not to mention the Napoleonic fortress that has been turned into a hotel.

Porto Cesareo

If you are looking for a classic Italian fishing village then Porto Cesareo is a quite eloquent example. Its narrow streets filled with flowers embellishing the modest whitewashed houses give a particular charm to this place. The lively harbor provides fresh seafood and fish to the many restaurants inviting tourists to try the delicious traditional dishes. Not far from here there is also a long sandy beach just perfect for a day of swimming and sunbathing.

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