Moving around Capri

When getting to your long dreamed destination it is really important to have flexibility. No matter how beautiful a place is or how many interesting things to discover it offers, if you are forced to walk for miles just to get to an important landmark then your experience might not be as pleasant as expected. However, when it comes to moving around Capri, you should make no worries as it offers everything you ever wished for, in terms of transportation as well.

By bus


Moving around Capri by bus is really cheap and in hand. The available fares are € 1, 30 per ride, € 2,80 for 60 minutes applying to all means of transportation or € 6,70 for unlimited day use. The drivers do their best to respect the schedule made public in the bus stations, but because the road is quite narrow and I dare saying dangerous, then you might need to add some extra 5 minutes to your waiting time. Some claim that travelling by bus is only for the braves, but no major incidents have been reported in the area.

The main routes are from Capri to Marina Grande and to Anacapri and Blue Grotto.

By funicular


If you long for a breathtaking panoramic view then taking the funicular is what you are looking for. This mountain tram connects the harbor, the port of Marina Grande with Capri town. The journey itself last only 5 minutes and it is considered the quickest way to get to the island. However please bear in mind that if you are ‘lucky’ enough to visit the island on an Italian bank holiday, then you might consider taking a taxi or even walking.

A single ticket costs €1, 40 or you can purchase a card that you can also use for travelling by bus. Travelling by funicular can definitely be fun but if you see a crowd of people outside standing in line at the funicular, just walk away.

By taxi


As you might expect getting to different places on the island by taxi is quite expensive…unless you are a large group and you split the sum. Taxi services are reliable and the staff is friendly and most of them speak English. You can also try convertible taxis which are definitely a pleasant way to travel on hot days; however make sure you check the fee before deciding to take that taxi.

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