Must do list in Turin

I hope that the articles I have written so far on Turin have made it one of the destinations that you will most definitely choose if ever throughout Italy. But, just to make things easier, I thought to draw up a must do list in Turin, so that all that you’ll have to do is show up and check the points on this list. Let’s give it a try, shall we?

1.     Visit the most important sights

This actually goes without saying so I’m not going to insist on it too much. There is the Egyptian Museum or the National Cinema Museum (these two are just a random pick among the many, many amazing museums in Turin). The latter goes hand in hand with the famous Mole Antonelliana whose architecture stands proof of the European masonry style. If in an Italian city, the local ‘dome’ is a must so don’t forget The Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist.  And make sure to visit at least one of the fabulous palaces spread all over Turin: Castello di Rivoli, Palazzo Carignano, Palazzo Madama and so on.

2.     Experience something new: Eataly

Although Turin is not the only place in Italy where you can see this, it is, nevertheless, the place where it all started (2007) so it deserves the advantage. Eataly is organized like a huge supermarket where the Slow Food Movement is advertised in every possible way: you have the possibility to see the products, either in the form of distribution or in the form of opportunities for dining and you have also the possibility to learn how to cook them (there are cuisine courses, wine tastings, courses on proper storage of food, education for children). The philosophy of Eataly is that eating well helps people to live better. In short, you have the best of Italian products in the healthiest presentation possible. If I got your attention, visit their official website and learn more about it even from home.

3.     End with some shopping

The whole of Italy breaths the same air with shopping lovers so Turin is yet another perfect Italian destination for shopping. If you’re looking for top brands, Italian or international, then choose Roma, Lagrange or Carlo Alberto streets and you’ll be very pleased. Otherwise, if you want to buy something specific to Turin, try the market at Porta Palazzo (the largest open air market in Europe) and I bet you’ll find pretty much everything you want (or not) there. It might be crowded and not in the least elegant and high-fashioned but it sure sounds like shopping and fun. It could turn out the best place to find that small something to bring back home for your loved ones.

Even if you stick with this must do list in Turin or not, visiting it seems to be a great holiday you can enjoy with your special one, your large family or with your crazy, adventurous friends. Either way, don’t forget to have fun and relax yourself all the way!

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