Naples and its surroundings

If you are lucky enough to have at your disposal more than just a few days to visit this amazing Italian city, then it would be a shame not to get to know better Naples and its surroundings as well. Just plan a one day visit outside of the city, take your backpack and some sandwiches and start discovering what is outside the city’s walls.

How to get there

The most efficient and less expensive way of getting to the desired destination would be by using the popular Circumvesuviana train, a privately operated train line, running from Naplesto Sorrento. All you need to do is go to Naples Central Station and take the stairs going down or if it suits you best, just catch it at Corso Garibaldi. This train will leave exactly on the Sorrentoline, the perfect place to visit all the important highlights of Naples and its surroundings, more precisely, the wonders on the Amalfi Coast.



This charming small island located on the south side of the Gulf of Naples is definitely a must see if you get outside Naples. Famous for its Blue Grotto and for the ruins of the Imperial Roman villas, Capri will impress you with its breathtaking landscapes and with the traces of a long distant civilization. It has two town, Capri and Anacapri, but you can get visit them both on foot or simply take a bus.


For those of you who do not know, Vesuvius is a stratovolcano in theGulfofNaples. It is the only active volcano inEuropeso a walking trip on the mountain will definitely be a onetime experience for you.  In 1995 it has been declared a national park and the local authorities have assured a spiral walkway around the mountain from the road to the crater.



Amalfi is a comune in theprovinceofSalerno, at about 35 km away fromNaples. It is an absolutely breathtaking town, surrounded by dramatic cliffs and amazing coastal scenery. What might say a lot about this place is that between 1920’s and 1930’s Amalfi was the popular holiday destination for the British aristocracy. Also if you ever tasted the famous traditional Limoncello (and I am sure you have heard about it already), then bar in mind that Amalfi is famed for the production of this delicious liqueur, as the area is known for the cultivation of lemons.

Some other marvelous destinations outside Naples that should not be missed are:Salerno, Ravello, Furore, Positano, Praiano, Pompeii etc.

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