Nightlife in Capri

If you took the decision to spend the night on the island, then you cannot possibly just go to bet when the Mediterranean sun goes to bed. Nightlife in Capri is one of the most exciting aspects of this amazing destination and it would be such a pity not to take advantage of it.

Where it all starts


Almost every crazy night in Capri start with the so Italian specific ‘apperitivo’(aperitif). After 6 o’clock in the evening, locals and holidaymakers gather in the mist popular bars and cafes to chat, make new friends and enjoy the delicious appetizers the hosts have cooked and prepared for their guests. This is what locals call “Happy hour” and to be honest I would say it is just a pleasant way of eating and maybe getting a little tipsy right before heading to places where the real fun is dictating the rules. In Capri these cafes are gathered around the historic bell-tower, in the Piazzaetta. I can assure you will be impressed by the parade of people from all over the world and by the colors and music that start to animate the island once with the dawns.

Bars and discos


Nightlife in Capri represents such an important aspect of the island’s charm that will impress not only through quality, but also through diversity. In a nutshell, it doesn’t matter what preferences you have in terms of music or even having fun, there is everything for everybody. To name only a few of amazing places where you can have fun on the island:

Al Piccolo Bar – Some have named it “the focal point of the island social life” and that is mainly because it is one of the first bars opened in Capri’s famous “Piazzetta”. You will be impressed by the relaxed and even romantic atmosphere that contrasts with the dynamism of the streets and the colorful parade of the people passing by. This bar will give you the opportunity to enjoy a light snack or a delicious Italian café while spying on what people are wearing or where are they heading.


Anema e Cuore – This bar has become in time the favorite place for popstars, politicians, top models and television presenters. The venue is located in the centre of Capri, however you might have difficulties in finding the entrance, as it is somehow hidden.  Anema e Cuore should not be missed by any tourist who enjoys having fun and partying like crazy.

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