Nightlife in Verona

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Just like any other tourist city, Verona transforms almost completely at night. It’s as if the absence of light and visibility accentuates all the other sense, thus the music can be heard louder, the delicious Italian food smells stronger and people are quieter. It’s when the city, and not its visitor, is talking.

Nightlife in Verona is definitely mesmerizing. Just imagine yourself strolling around the breathtaking piazzas in a romantic atmosphere lighted up by the streets lights, smelling like summer and love and feeling free.

Live music

It is true that Verona is quite modest in terms of nightlife scene. However, this city can also surprise you. All you need to do is to look in the right place and gather the necessary information in advance.

If you are eager to have fun at night, then make sure you stay around Piazza Bra. If you are lucky enough, you might come across the musician playing on the stage in front of the town hall. All you need to do is to order a glass of wine and enjoy the performance.

If you prefer sitting at a table and enjoy some delicious dish or a glass of something, then try CafeXet.  The lovely tunes of the ‘60’s and the wonderful atmosphere will make your night perfect. The music is loud enough not to ignore it, but still giving you the chance to have a healthy conversation with your partner.

Let’s not forget about the Arena, this fantastic musical experience.  Rumor has it that you might need to pay the most expensive seat in order to really hear and see the performance, so decide wisely when buying the ticket.

Pubs and bars

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Nightlife in Verona includes a not that large variety of pubs and bars. Caffe Filippini is considered the best bar in town. You will enjoy amazing cocktails here, but do make sure you avoid this place on Friday and Saturday nights, as it is full to bursting. Osteria del Buiardo is also a great choice in terms of good bars inVerona. RespectingVerona’s scene, which describes a mature and responsible lifestyle, Osteria del Bugiardo is a romantic wine drinking spot, where people gather around with a glass of local Valpolicella wineto eat healthy and have wise and interesting conversations. Some other such nice places are:Rivamancina,Il Campidoglio, the perfect place for jazz lovers and Cantina del’Arena.

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