On the pizza trail in Naples

When enjoying a delicious slice of Italian pizza have you ever wondered where it comes from. Have it ever crossed your mind to ask yourself who is the inventor of this guilty pleasure and what makes it so special. Why do all people from all over the world know about this special dish and why is it so appreciated? Well, my dears, all your quests have come to an end as this article in going on the pizza trail in Naples, the place birth of this amazing dish.

Pizza and the dark past

What most of you might not know is that pizza actually exists since time immemorial, first known under the form of flat bread, sold in the streets to the poor. After the 17th century, people started serving this kind of food covered with red sauce, which soon got replaced with oil, tomatoes and even fish. In the 19th century, pizza Margherita appeared as a result of the Queen of Italy, Margherita de Savoy’s desires for a pizza containing tomato, mozzarella cheese and basil (representing the colors of the Italian flag). It was also the first time when cheese was added to this absolutely delicious dish.

Pizza’s basic ingredients and Naples

Strangely enough it took a long time for the Europeans to realize that the tomatoes brought by them from America were not poisonous at all. On the contrary this fresh and tasty vegetable nicely mixed with bread led to an amazing combination. To this conclusion came the poor of the area around Naples who were adding tomatoes to their yeast- based flat bread. It is quite obviously that this is how the pizza was born. With the passage of time this dish gained in popularity and soon the pizza became a local attraction, people from all over the world coming to Naples to taste this absolutely delicious and unique recipe called the Naples pizza.

A really interesting description of the pizza in Naples has been provided in the 19th century by the writer Alexandre Dumas: “in Naples pizza is flavored with oil, lard, tallow, cheese, tomato, or anchovies”.

What makes this type of pizza so special? Adding to its tradition and history, you will also notice its texture. Pizza in Naples is soft and pliable, neither too dry nor too juicy. It is finger licking good. However, it’s very different from all the other pizzas in Italy, as it’s much thicker almost like Chicago style pan-fried pizza. However, the pizza in Naples is much fluffier and not as filling as its counterpart from Chicago. It really is much much better. They also offer deep-fried pizza or “pizza fritta” which looks like a Calzone, but it’s actually dipped into hot oil. Not quite the calorie negative dish, but yummy nevertheless.

What’s important like with all other local food from Naples is that they all taste like home made dishes and that’s the style of restaurants you are getting.

Therefore if you ever intent to go on the pizza trail in Naples, just start with Port’Alba. Please review article Top 3 Restaurants in Naples to find out more about this magic place.

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