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I was on the point of finishing my detailed presentation of this amazing island called Capriwhen I realized that there are still so many things I have not told you about this place and that there so many other interesting sites to visit here. No matter how hard I struggle to make a clear and complete picture of Capri, once you get there you will realize that my mission is somewhat impossible. Theisland ofCapri has a certain charm and so many stories to tell that only a walk that will take you through its streets and landscapes might help you understand it and appreciate it to the full.

However what I will try in this post is to offer you at least the basic details of other interesting sites to visit on Capri Island:

Augustus Gardens

by celtictours.blogspot.com

An oasis of silence and a wonderful insight of Capri’s botanical ornamentation make up the Gardens of Augustus. You will come across them at the top of the island where the breathtaking panorama will work wonders on all the stress and frustrations you must have accumulated in so many hours of work or living in a big and busy city.

Via Krupp

Yes, you are right! ‘Via’ means in Italian ‘street’, but what I am referring to here is not only a simple street, but a pathway, which was built in the early 1900’s by the engineer Emilio Mayer at the request of the German industrialist, Friederich Alfred Krupp, hence the name. This street has been constructed by cutting through the rock down to where the sea begins. The result is so spectacular that it creates the illusion of paths that almost overlap, simply because they have been cut so close together.

La Migliera

by laminervacapri.com

Have you ever wondered how Heaven looks like? Well, let me tell you that this pathway of the Migliera concludes with an enchanting view point that is very close to how I believe Heaven must be looking like. The street makes it way through cultivated land, mainly vineyards and opening looking towards the blue sea of Ischia. The walk might require some effort, but the finish line stores one of the most beautiful surprises you will ever have, Belvedere del Tuono view point, the most mesmerizing place on the island of Capri. Here you will be witness to nature that can change dramatically in a second from a gentle landscape inviting to relaxation to stormy weather menacing the whole scenery with its strong wind and black clouds.

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