Out and about in Sardinia

Macchina Classico at Sardinia, ©niels roza/Flickr

When you are on holiday besides many other things you also have to think of means of transportation. There are a few choices you can pick from. Depending on whether you like traveling with the mob or you prefer your privacy, you can choose to ride the bus or the train or hire a car. The trains and buses will take you to various places all around Sardinia, however if you would like to get to places where the number of a milling crowd is reduced, we recommend you hire a car and visit sights and places where the buses or trains will not take you. Traveling by car has the advantage of not being bound to a time schedule and not depending to other people. So pull your socks up and get ready to see Sardinia!

Get ready for a fun train ride

If you are a fan of train rides, hop on at any of the Sardinian Railway stations which are connected to all major towns in Sardinia. During the summer months we recommend you take the “Trenino Verde” (the Green Train), an old-fashioned steam train with a character which runs through various routes all over the island.

Trenino Verde in Sardinia, ©giorgio winklers/Flickr

Discover Sardinia riding the train while enjoying the islands beautiful and breathtaking landscapes. You can visit www.trenitalia.it and buy tickets online or through travel agencies.

The wheels of the bus go around Sardinia

Where the train does not take you, a bus definitely will. While the railway network is only connected to major cities of the island, buses are more convenient, for they run between most villages and towns and they will also take you to the beach.

Getting around with bus, ©giorgio winklers/Flickr

Notice however, that time schedule might be unbound and on Sundays services tend to be limited. If you want to go sightseeing, buses are the most ideal means of transport. Tickets are available at local bars and ticket offices or you can buy them right when you get on board.

Hire a car and hit the road yourself

The best way to see the island of Sardinia at your own pace and to your liking is to hire a car. In this way you are not bound to bus or train schedules, but you have the freedom to come and go at your leisure.

Macchina Classico at Sardinia, ©niels roza/Flickr

It takes only a short time to get away from busy tourist routs and find the paths that will lead you to the untouched beaches and countryside. In the summer months cars are hired quite often, so we advise you pre-book early. When you drive around Sardinia there is a high chance that you will encounter different kinds of passengers along the way, such as pigs, cows and other animals, so be careful how you hit the road. We also recommend you be careful after a rainy day, for the roads can be very slippery and caution is required.



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