Parks and Gardens in Milan

I bet you have never thought that such a hectic and dynamic city as Milan could impress its visitors through the greenery and relaxing oasis the locals call parks or gardens. From the largest parks to the smallest gardens they allure the tourists with the refreshing fountains, green grass, small squares, colorful flowers, numerous benches and moments of quietness. Parks and Gardens in Milan represents former private gardens and parklands of the city’s nobility which were transformed and with the passage of time into spaces of public usage.

As it is not always easy to localize and reach them, you can find below the most popular parks in the city:

1. Parco Sempione

Located right in the heart of the city, more exactly in Piazza Sempione, north-west of Milan, this breathtaking place provides a calm and tranquil oasis. Its every corner reminds of the former Visconti Ducal garden, which was enlarged in the 15th century for hunting purposes. In the 19th century the park was redecorated and designed by Emilio Alemagna in a breathtaking English-style, elements of which can be observed and admired even nowadays. Interestingly enough during World  War II, the garden was used to cultivate wheat but it was soon restored to its previous function once the war ended.

Once you enter the park do not miss the large artificial lake, Napoleon III monument, the water fountain and Torre del Parco.

2. Giardini Pubblici

Milan’s Public Gardens, located in Bastioni di Porta Venezia, is the largest city park in Milan. You will find it in the north-east of the city, far away from the crazy agitation and busy people. It has been designed by Piermarini and just like Parco Sempione it went through many redecorations and changes. It will impress you with the wonderful small lakes and the story of each monument and statue. If you have time to reach it far end you will come across a breathtaking 18th century Palazzo Dugnale, housing the Greenhouse Laboratories.

3. Giardino Botanico

Like every city that respects itself, Milan also hosts an amazing Botanical Garden, containing over 8,000 exotic blooms and plants. You will find it on Via Motta 2, Gardone; you just need to reserve one day of your trip to visit it. It is opened daily from mid-March to mid-October from 9am to 6pm.

You should be convinced by now that Milan can boast about its wide variety of parks and gardens, be it small or large, private or public, inside or around the city. Parks and Gardens in Milan are the perfect break from the crazy life of this cosmopolite city and perfect destinations for tourists looking for a day of relaxation after a tiresome trip.

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