Safety tips for visitors


Capri is considered a safe destination for tourists of all ages. On this amazing island the biggest threaten a traveler can encounter is himself and his bad decisions. You can see groups of students travelling in groups or young people visiting the region by themselves with no special concerns regarding their destination. The criminality rate is quite low in the area and there are no international threats, such as terrorist bombing or other possible international attacks. The water is safe to drink and there are no important cultural limits tourists need to respect, except for always having with them their common sense.

Despite all this, let’s see some safety tips for visitors on theCapriIsland:


Choosing outdoor activities is always at your own risk. If you choose some breathtaking but wild trails, beware of cacti, bees, beers and slippery edges. It is better to follow only the practicable paths and be cautious while enjoying the scenery.



If you decided to make a trip of the most beautiful villas, you might need to take into consideration the big sized dogs the residents keep in their yards for protection. Make sure you stay away from the fences and that there are no dogs roaming freely onto the public highways, as these dogs are not particularly friendly with foreigners of the island.


Sometimes travelers go a bit overboard on vacation and get either too excited or over relaxed that they act on the impulse of the moment, therefore some safety tips for visitors are always welcome. It is true that the water is so blue and crystal-clear that is hard to resist but what you need to know is that swimming, especially in Grottos is only for the experienced ones. Tides can easily smash swimmers against the rocks and the draughts can be quite strong. Please know that the caves cannot be visited during the south westerly and mistral winds and that swimming alone is highly discouraged.

Petty theft


Petty theft can happen of course while travelling in public means of transportation or in crowded areas for entertainment or attraction, so please make sure you have your camera and personal belongings in a safe place. In case something happens, you can use the following:

112 for the ‘Carabinieri‘ (one of two Italy’s National Police forces)
113 for the ‘Polizia’ (Italian State Police)
115 for the Fire Department
118 for medical emergencies or to call an ambulance
117 for the ‘Guardia Di Finanza’ (Italian Tax Police, for reporting tax frauds)

1515 dedicated to report fires in forests and woods far from city centers.
1518 for having traffic informations on highways and state roads.

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