Say ‘Ciao’ to Verona

To be honest, it is a real pleasure to write about Verona; it is, without a doubt, one of the most charming Italian cities. In what comes, I will try to depict as well as I can what is so great about this town. So, don’t be shy and say ‘Ciao’ to Verona because this town is equipped with everything it’s needed to make your trip an unforgettable one.

A short historical account

Castelvecchio ©

Verona is a millenary town, its origin supposedly being Etruscan though the first document was recorded in the fourth century BC. It became an important center, both politically and commercially, during the Roman occupation, being for a while the capital of the Western Roman Empire. On the whole, during the centuries,Veronawas part of several empires and kingdoms, worth mentioning being the Venetian rule in the fifteenth century and the Austrian occupation in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The Roman ruins, extremely well preserved, harmoniously complete the atmosphere created by the exquisite architectural grandeur of the magnificent palaces built in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Very interesting (maybe because their origin remains unknown) are the city walls which just give you the impression thatVeronais a city that has built its own history.

Location and getting there info

Verona's Roman bridge ©

Verona has a population of approximately 260,000 inhabitants, being found in the region known as in Veneto(north – eastern part of Italy). This beautiful city is located on the banks of the AdigeRiverand close to Lake Gardaand the Italian Alps so you can easily imagine the amazing landscapes surrounding it. It is 75 km far from Venice, 102 km far from Milanand 341 km far from Romeso it is a place to take into account no matter where you are in Italy. If you decide to come from Venice, the train ticket costs only 6,5 Euros and from the train station you can take a bus that takes you near the center of the town or you can walk (it’s not that far) and really ‘feel’ Verona. The ‘Valerio Catullo’ Airport is the closest to Verona and on its official website you can find everything you need to know on getting from there to the city.

This post was more a factual introduction to Veronaand I consciously chose not to say anything about its true legacy: the best love story of all times, Romeo and Juliet. Why, you may wonder? Well, I wanted you to first say ‘Ciao’ to Verona, aside from this legend because this is, in my opinion, the best part about it; you come to this city, awaiting to enter the Shakespearean atmosphere of a well known tragic love story only to find out that there are also so many more sights to be seen: Piazza dei Signori, the San Pietro Castle, the Roman Arena (a smaller Collosseum still functioning), Castellvecchio and so on. Even if Shakespeare had not placed his play in this town, it would have still been a wonderful place to visit. Romeo and Juliet are just the tip of the iceberg, so to say. Got your attention? Stick around and you’ll find out more.

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