Shopping day in Bologna


Ok, so it might not be Parisor Milan, however a shopping day in Bologna will give you the exact quantity of enthusiasm and relaxation as anywhere else in this world. If you come to think closed, we are still talking aboutItaly, one of the major symbols of worldwide fashion, therefore high quality and famous designers are guaranteed.

Therefore let’s find out what you can buy and where you should go on a shopping day in Bologna

What to buy

Bolognais known for its fashion and style and more important for its affordable prices. Even the Italians like spending their money here as every cent spent is seen more as an investment than expenditure.


The leather bags are a must in Bologna and you will be quite impressed with the number of shops selling amazing bags for all tastes and preferences. The price varies somewhere between 25/30 euro and might have no limit (especially if the bag belongs to a renowned designer).

If you are looking for a souvenir, be it for the dear ones waiting you home or for reminding you of this wonderful trip, you might be interested in the Antique shops in Via S. Vitale. It all depends on how much you afford to spend because I can assure you that the variety of the charming products from there is quite high.

Also do not forget the traditional markets selling delicious and fresh products, as well as gourmet Italian wine and products. It is quite a charming and not that expensive gift, so do not miss these places.

Where to buy from


Corte Isolani is a fabulous and popular place selling amazing art pieces, antiques pieces and trendy fashion. Mercato di Mezzo is the most renowned Bolognese market and the oldest one as well. Locals and tourists from all over the world make sure do not miss the traditional businesses from the so-called Quadrilatero, located behind Piazza dei Bianchi , Piazza Maggiore and Piazza della Mercanzia.

What you might also need to know is that as a rule, shops open from Monday to Saturday from9amto1 pmand from3 pmto8 pm; although supermarkets and larger stores may be kept open throughout the whole day. Do not make shopping plans on Saturday evening or on Sunday, as nothing is open, not even the larger stores. Also nearly everything is shut down on August and Thursday afternoon.

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