Shopping day in Naples

A trip is never complete without a shopping session. A shopping day in Naples is what can make a holiday in this amazing city truly perfect. The idea is not to look only for the famous shops as I am sure you have them in your home town as well. The plan is to search for the authentic traditional gifts that will add a special flavor to your memories, not to speak about the large smile that will bring on the face of the dear ones receiving them.

Therefore let’s start looking for the perfect presents and the ideal places to buy them from on a shopping day in Naples

What to shop

If you are looking for something really authentical, then the sophisticated Capodimonte porcelain, cameos and gouaches are pretty famous. The gouaches represent amazing landscapes and views of the city of Naples, some of them dating back from the 18th century, when the first visitors were looking for a souvenir to remind them of this place.

If you are visiting Naples in the period just before Christmas then a wonderful gift to bring back home is the nativity scene figurines, made of terracotta, all handmade.

Let’s not forget about the Italian fashion which represents a true emblem these days. If you are looking for Made in Italy clothes, then Naples has plenty of such shops. Naples is quite famous for its leather industry, so do that into consideration when planning your shops. And of course never forget about ladies’ best friends: the silver and gold jewelries.

Where to shop

The best place to start your shopping day in Naples is definitely Quartieri Spagnoli, as this area has the highest number of craftsmen’s shops. Continue your journey with Via San Gregorio Armeno where you can buy the above mentioned amazing figurines and end your small adventure in Riviera di Chiaia neighborhood, an elegant area where the most famous Italian designers have opened their shops. If you still have some energy left after such an exciting day, I strongly recommend you drop a visit in Piazza Vitorria for admiring one of Naples’ oldest shops for male fashion, Marinella. Locals and visitors have purchased all kind of garments, from t-shirts and foulards, to ties and shirts since 1914. Many Italian public figures do their shopping here, so if you are lucky enough who knows whom you might come across.

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