Shopping day in Turin

Sometimes there is nothing more relaxing and pleasant than a shopping day in Torino. No matter how beautiful this amazing city is and no matter how many wonderful places you can visit and admire, sometimes all you need is to change your look and start feeling like you began a brand new life, a new existence that makes you feel more confident and more beautiful. Changes are always revigorating, so why not starting this on a shopping day in Turin?

Where to go shopping


Turin has plenty of shops to keep his visitors happy. The only thing you need is to know where to look for them. Turin can brag about having a pedestrian shopping street, something like the Mecca of  fashion and style, where women in particular feel like they have reached Heaven and unfortunately some of the men feel like they just entered Hell. Just imagine 1 km (0,6 mile) of pure windos shops inviting you to visit them.

Les connoisseurs know that a respectable shopping day inTurinshould begin in Via Roma, where the designer’s boutique will mesmerize you with their offers.  Starting from Piazza Castello toTurin’s main train station, this street will put our budget in danger. And what if I tell you that besides the fact that you do not have to mind the traffic, this area is housed with arcades, so even if it rains or snows, you can have all the comfort when shopping.

Other places in Turin perfect for shopping are:  Corso Svizzera, Corso Racconigi,  Corso Valdocco and Crocetta market.

Opening Hours


Like in most part ofItaly, shopping hours in Turin usually run from 9 am to 1 pm and from4 pm to7:30 pm. Italian are very strict with their breaks and working hours. However, large shops and supermarkets tend to extend this program somewhere around 9 pm. Nevertheless if you have the bad luck to visit Turin during a national holiday, chances are that you will not find any shop opened and even worse, too many people on the streets. It is quite depressing,  so try avoiding that!


If you are looking for local markets, then do not miss the daily one held in Piazza della Repubblica. Also on the second Sunday of each month, a huge flea market named the Balon is also held in this Piazza. Also do not miss Turin Farmer’s Market,  from where you can buy amazingly fresh and delicious local products.

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