Shopping in Florence


In Florence almost everything is related to art and fashion for sure does not make an exception.  Just like elsewhere in Italy, shopping in Florence is real pleasure and a true ritual. Numerous districts in the city are every shopaholic’s dreaming place. From antiques to jewels, from clothes to furniture Florence will provide you with everything you have ever dreamed of.


The most famous Florentine designers, whose shops can easily be found in the city’s downtown, are:  Cavalli, Gucci, Prada, Patrizia Pepe, Enrico Coveri and many others. If you are travelling on a low budget though, make sure you either avoid these places or get ready for some window shopping, because the prices are quite high.

Open-air markets


Besides exquisite and elegant such shops, Florence is also popular for its open-air markets. It actually might be a great idea to start your shopping in Florence with these areas. You won’t believe it how many interesting things you will find at really good prices.

Even more, the open air markets will help you get a more accurate idea of the Florentine culture and of its past. It is here where you can admire real and talented craftsmen at work, reminding of the flourishing Renaissance period when art was a form of living.

The New Market is also preferred by tourists interested in buying leather goods and personalized souvenirs. It is here where you will come across the Porcellino, of which tradition has it that it brings fortune if you rube his nose.

Near Piazza Santa Croce you will find the Flea Market, perfect for bargaining and good deals, as well as for amazingly beautiful antiques pieces of art. Please note that on last Sunday of every month, with the exception of July, the market extends to the streets in the vicinity as well.

Ponte Vecchio


Though it might strike you as a surprise, Ponte Vecchio is the ladies’ shopping paradise. Representing the heart of the artisan in Florence, this bridge is filled with amazing jewelry shops that will literally take your breath away. The Goldsmith art is famous all around the world, having preserved its original characteristics even to our days.


Every two years in Florence takes place the International Antiques Biennal, a great event that gives a different dimension to the idea of shopping in Florence. The place where you can find the antiques is Via Maggio, the street where you can find amazing object dating back even from the 16th century.

Those having been said prepare a budget and let the shopping adventure begin.

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