Shopping in the Vatican City

I know it might sound a little strange and maybe profane to think about shopping in the Vatican City, but you cannot even imagine what a spiritual activity that could be. And I am not being ironic at all. You might rediscover yourself trying to buy wonderful memories for you loved ones or losing yourself in a bookstore. Therefore let’s see what options you have if you want to go shopping in the Vatican City.

1. Religious articles

Vatican has some amazing religious souvenirs to take back home, from stone sculptures to fridge magnets. You will find plenty of shops selling such things just outside the cathedral. I strongly recommend you spend some time looking for the right gift and I am sure you will be struck by the good taste and quality of the products you will come across. Crucifix, medallions, metal bookmarks, though might be quite expensive are very elegant and will surely be appreciated by your loved ones.

2. Vatican Bookstores

If you want to find out more about Catholicism, Vatican’s history, the popes’ life, the saints then taking a visit to the Vatican bookstores is a must. Here you can also buy a Bible right from the place considered as one of the holiest in the Catholics sites.

3. Where to shop

If you are looking for great mementos to personalize your Vatican experiences then Savelli Arte e Tradizioni shop is exactly what you need. It offers a wide variety of artwork and sacred objects, being famous for its collection of the 18th and 19th century micro mosaic. Arte Italiana shop on the other hand stands out among one of the most popular religious souvenir shops in Vatican. Located right at the exit of square, the store stocks a large and varied amount of tapestries, rosaries, saints’ medals, sculptures and statuettes. The prices might be indeed quite high but the products are of the highest quality and will surely impress.

What is the fun in traveling if you cannot bring home some of the local delights either to share with your dear ones or just to show off. Vatican is surely a perfect destination to buy personalized and spiritual gifts that will also remind you of this unique experience. Just visit all that you need to visit, but do not leave without making sure that you take back home with you a part of this amazing trip.

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