Shopping in Verona

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Verona makes no exception when it comes to buying wonderful souvenirs or why not, purchasing modern clothes or shoes. If you feel like exercising your pocket book, then simply head to the most important streets from downtown. If you are looking for symbolic souvenirs then follow our recommendations and you should reach the right places.

Ah, and do not forget to dress to impress, otherwise you might be shocked by how other shoppers look like.

Via Mazzini

Shopping in Via Mazzini is la crème de la crème of shopping in Verona. You will notice not only well- dressed people looking for the latest fashion, but also incredibly expensive clothes created by the most popular designers of the world. This area has pedestrian streets only, allowing you to admire the people walking by and to do some window shopping, if the budget does not allow you to buy the dress or the T-shirt you are longing for.

Flea market

You can find some really interesting presents if you know where to look for the best flea markets in the city. Visit Piazza San Zeno on Sunday and you will come across a huge open-air antique market. You might find articles that not only deserve your attention but some of them are worth being purchased for the dear ones waiting for you home.

The town centre is also a good place for finding clothes, shoes, candles etc at a really good price. All articles cost somewhere between 10 and 50 euro and as a bonus, there are some really good restaurants where you can recharge yourself with energy or leave the masculine part of the group enjoy their day.

Other places

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Some other notable places for shopping in Verona are Corso Portono Borsari, Via Roma, Via Cappello and Piazza delle Erbe. For those of you who are not that fond of buying new things, watch this activity more as an amazing experience offering a glimpse into the real Italian life.

Also let’s not forget about the food markets. You can buy wonderful bottles of wine, as well as household goods and clothes. The biggest such market in Verona is in Piazza dell Erbe. It is also here where you can buy delicious traditional cheese, fish or sausages. Simply ask the sellers to taste a little bit from everything and you might even get home with your stomach and your wallet full.

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