Short Guide to Nightlife in Naples

 When you plan to visit Naples it is better to have your expectations really well set up, because this amazing city will never cease to amaze you. If you are looking for a quiet and relaxing night after a hard day of visiting and sightseeing, then think again. Naples transforms itself once the sun goes to sleep. So, fantastic news for those looking to party into the early hours!

So do you want to know where to start and where to continue?  Just go through this Short Guide to Nightlife in Naples and gather all the necessary information. A little planning won’t do any harm:

Best zones


All great parties should start somewhere around “centro storico” or the historic centre, fed with amazing pubs and clubs. It’s then only a matter of taste and choice.  In the vicinity of Via Paladino, a few streets away from the university campus, you will obviously come across places full of young people and foreign students. You should also check out Piazza San Pasquale where people usually meet for a drink before actually heading to the club. It’s a cheaper way of getting ready for the night.

You will also find excellent bars around Piazza Bellini, where you can also attend some really good live shows.

Clubs and bars

If you are looking for a fancy club where you can wear your best clothes and feel like a VIP, then the Ritz should definitely be your first choice. As you can imagine the bar imposes a dress code and won’t allow customers in shorts or denim. The entrance fee and the cocktails’ price might be a little expensive, but the atmosphere inside this huge place is worthwhile. Bear in mind that on Tuesdays great bands perform here. Do not miss it!

If you are looking for something more casual, then The Sea Witch would better suit you. No dress code, people of all ages, great entertainers, professional staff, delicious cocktails, you will find anything you want in here.

La Bavarese is also a bar that should not be missed. Besides live bands, good food and amazing Sangria, this place offers free salsa classes just for fun.  Please note that without a reservation the chances to actually get a table in here are equal to zero.

Therefore if you do not want to miss all the fun, get all the necessary information from this Short Guide to Nightlife in Naples and start planning!

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