Short Guide to Nightlife in Venice

Venice is such a small and romantic city that I bet you have never thought before that crazy nightlife full of fun and good time can happen here. As Italy is always surprising you are wrong again. This amazing place is crowded with taverns, pubs and minimalist wine-bars that will contribute to the comfort and pleasure of your stay and will match everybody’s tastes. This Short Guide to Nightlife in Venice will help you make the best choices by suggesting a series of places where to go during the night so that you enjoy the best music, cocktails and aperitifs, in a nutshell the Venetian way of life.


It’s all about “aperitivo”

As its name suggest “aperitivo” (aperitif) is a drink one usually serves before meal as an appetizer. In Italy aperitivo is usually accompanied by some delicious snack that eases the hunger as well. It represents a great way of socializing, meeting new people and practice your Italian. The atmosphere is relaxed and dynamic at the same time and will prepare you for the night to come.

In Venice the best places to enjoy a perfect aperitif are: Paradiso Perduto (Last Paradise) located in Fondamenta della Misericordia, offering traditional venetian food and wonderful Latin and/or jazz music; Chet bar that you will find on Campo Santa Margherita, popular among students and young people, opened every night and playing marvellous reggae music. Another great choice would be Caffe Aurora, located right in the heart of Venice, Piazza San Marco, which is more a lounge bar offering dance and artistic performances live and ethno-electronic house.

Clubs and discos

Locals might agree that it is quite difficult to write a review about nightlife in Venice due to the fact that its every aspect changes from season to season and from year to year. Even more the difference between day and night is so obvious that sometimes you will feel like visiting an entirely different city.

The atmosphere at night is laid back yet lively with tourists having fun and relaxing. The clubs, although quite small in comparison with other European places, have a certain charm of their own. The best area to find crazy parties in Venice is along the Fondamenta Misericordia in Cannaregio. It is here that you will find Centrale, a hip new restaurant-bar, the Iguana, offering delicious food and live music and Cantina Vecia Carbonera, a really cool boutique late nigh entertainment with lots of great fun.

Also keep in mind that maybe the best way of discovering Venice is by night, when the city shuts down and the number of tourists and locals is reduced. A walk through the city will help you fall in love with this city. Just follow every advice of Short Guide to Nightlife in Venice and you won’t regret it.

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