Sights and activities in Southern Sardinia

Sailing at Cagliari, ©kruder396/Flickr

The southern region of Sardinia is incredibly wild, stunning and unspoiled. Just like in other parts of the island the south also has its beautiful beaches and waters clear as crystal. This region of Sardinia used to be less visited than others but lately all the tourists and visitors start to discover the beauty of the South. The region is very rich in prehistoric sites, dramatic mountains and has an interesting wildlife.

Visit the Sulcis Mountains in the inland and the town with a lovely piazza and quite a character, name Pula. There are several restaurants and other places to dine, chill out and regain your energy for further explorations. We recommend southern Sardinia mostly to those who like their privacy and prefer to stay away from big crowds.

Towns and landmarks

Every little town in Sardinia has its own special appeal that makes them unique and worth visiting, however there are some which stand out more. Nora is one of the spectacular ones with its Roman ruins including an amphitheatre, a Temple of Tanit, Roman mosaic decorated baths and tombs. It is a lovely town with a special atmosphere worth experiencing.

Roman heating system at Nora, ©Effervescing Elephant/Flickr

The caves in Is Zuddas are another outstanding sight in the south. These astonishing natural caves were discovered during the 1970’s and are much visited these days. For nature enthusiasts we recommend Cagliari, a lovely town in the south standing on a hilltop site. You can visit the lagoons and wander around the narrow streets. Visit the Citadel, the Bastion of San Remy and enjoy the majestic view over the sea, the mountains and the town. If you would like to travel further out we suggest you stop by the islands of San Pietro and Sant’Antioco where you can taste any of the islands specialties and traditional dishes.

San Pietro Island, ©atkinson000/Flickr

Water Activities

Islands such as Sardinia have this unique advantage which makes them appealing: they have water everywhere, which means you can try or practice all kinds of water sports as much as you like. There is windsurfing, sailing, diving, kayaking and many more.

Sailing at Cagliari, ©kruder396/Flickr

Go for an organized scuba diving tour and discover the waters of South Sardinia. For some water fun visit Bluefan Water park, close to Cagliari, and spend the whole day sliding and splashing around. When you feel like running out of energy refuel in one of the bars or restaurants in the area and go on with the distraction.

Explore and discover

There is opportunity to explore the southern area on your own as well. Get your backpack and set out for a journey up in the mountains or along the beach. You can hire bikes for cycling or go hiking. Do not miss out on the phenomenal sunsets either!

A mountain area in southern Sardinia, ©earien/Flickr

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