Specific aromas and tastes in Naples

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Naples is such an amazing city, with such a glorious history and a rich culture that a simple trip to this wonderful land might be one of the most fruitful trips you ever made. Its complexity is so high that even discovering the specific aromas and tastes in Naples could be a life changing experience. Naples’ unique products are recognized worldwide and are exported due to their excellent quality. Therefore a trip to the south of Italy might be an extraordinary opportunity to try these aromas and tastes and of course, to bring them home with you.

1. Cheeses and salami

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If you really want to remember all the existing types of cheeses and salami Italy has to offer, then you should better have a good memory. When it comes to this, Naples makes no exception. If you add the fact that this city has a long tradition in the area of cheese making, then you came to the right place. The information about the techniques of making cheese dates back as far as the 500 B.C, the working class having contributed mainly to delicious types of cheese. To mention only a few, you can try burrata, a delicious but super calorie type of cheese, made of cream and butter added to mozzarella, mozzarella fiordillate, made of cow’s milk and mozzarella di bufala , one of the most famous Campania products.

Naples salami are quite spicy and smoky but absolutely delicious.

2. Fruits

Because the land around Naples is very fertile, the fruits you will taste here are definitely different although might look familiar. For example, the lemons from Sorrento, the basic ingredient for limoncello, are absolutely fantastic. Although looking like a regular lemon, they are larger, with a thicker peel and a more juicy pulp and a distinct aroma. The Annurca apples represent another great example of amazing fruits specific to this area. With a crunchy inner and very perfumed, they have an unmistakable taste.

3. Cakes and pastries

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It is impossible to walk around Naples without noticing the many window shops exhibiting delicious cakes and pastries and it is again impossible not to stop and buy at least one delicious dessert. If you want a recommendation, then the pastier nepoletana is a must eat. It is made of wheat and ricotta cheese, flavored with orange essence and it is usually served in Easter time.

Some other specific aromas and tastes in Naples are: the baba and struffoli cakes, the Montella chestnuts, the Giffoni hazelnuts and the amazing specific coffee.

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