Staying in Verona


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Staying in Verona makes no exception to the general rule: if you have a wonderful experience, then your adventure in this amazing Italian town will be a memorable one, if not, you will tell your friends stories about how awful your vacation was and how ugly the city was. Therefore let’s make sure you will be able to appreciate Verona at its true value by gathering all the necessary information that will make your stay in Verona a perfect one.

Most important of all let’s take care of the accommodation. From luxurious to the traditional, here are a few suggestions:

Academia Hotel

Academia Hotel should definitely be among your options. It has the perfect location, mesmerizing architecture and welcoming staff. What many praise about this great hotel is the extraordinary staff, always eager to help and going out of their way ensuring that you will be comfortable in Verona. The breakfast is also great, offering a huge variety of products, as if making sure that you will have enough energy to travel all day long. Also, the hotel is located in the perfect place for exploring the city. Everything is close from the Colosseum, to Juliet’s House and the river. The Italian Lakes are only 20 minutes by train and Garda Lake only one hour and a half away.

Giulietta e Romeo Hotel

How can you even think of going to Giuliette’s city and not staying at a hotel bearing the name of this popular couple? Giulietta e Romeo Hotel is also a safe choice: perfect location, smart and clean rooms, delicious and diversified breakfast and welcoming staff…what could you be asking for more? The hotel is situated very close to the Arena and shopping streets, the reception is very nice and is eager to help you no matter how many times you ask for directions and the breakfast is definitely generous.

Bed and Breakfast Villa Beatrice

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Villa Beatrice is a piece of Heaven, located above the orchards and vineyards that overlook Verona. If you want to get rid of the crazy city and enjoy the beauty of the nature, then this place is what you are looking for. While you will enjoy the quietness and tranquility of this oasis, it is good to know that Villa Beatrice is yet very close to the bustling centre of Verona. The host is also amazing, making you feel like you are visiting an old friend and ensuring you will not miss anything worth seeing in this amazing city, called Verona.

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