Top historic sights of Syracuse – castles, palaces, churches and museums

Top historic sights of Syracuse – castles, palaces, churches and museums

The town of Syracuse swarms of historical and cultural heritage. The city has a very rich historic background hence there are several monuments and sights which prove history and the presence of cultures which temporarily but for some time existed in Syracuse and ruled over it. Many buildings have features influenced by more than one culture, nation or style. Visit the wonderful architectural masterpieces in Syracuse, the fortresses and castles, churches and monasteries and other buildings. S... [ read more ]

Discover Perugia's story

Discover Perugia’s story

A place changes its significance once you get to know its past. Each monument and stone, each room from the palaces you visit looks different if you have accumulated in advance a bit of that city’s history. Perugia makes no exception to this rule, therefore let’s discover Perugia’s story so that your holiday get even more charming and interesting. The Beginnings What everybody should know is that Perugia’s history is very closely related to the Etruscans. The city was firs an Umbri... [ read more ]

Say 'Ciao' to Verona

Say ‘Ciao’ to Verona

To be honest, it is a real pleasure to write about Verona; it is, without a doubt, one of the most charming Italian cities. In what comes, I will try to depict as well as I can what is so great about this town. So, don’t be shy and say ‘Ciao’ to Verona because this town is equipped with everything it’s needed to make your trip an unforgettable one. A short historical account Verona is a millenary town, its origin supposedly being Etruscan though the first document was recorded in... [ read more ]