The delicious Milanese cuisine

The delicious Milanese cuisine is one of the many wonders this cosmopolite city will impress you with. It is quite difficult of course to distinguish the Milanese cuisine from the rich and varied Italian kitchen, however specialists have managed to emphasis some characteristic features of the dishes served in the north-west of Italy.


First of all Milanese like to eat any type of food in combination with butter, milk, cream or/and cheese. Rice also tends to be quite popular, as it absorbs quite a lot of cheese butter or broth. The creative mixture of these ingredients will surely overwhelm you. Just stay opened to tasting as many dishes as you can and you won’t regret it.

Needless to say that pasta is omnipresent and omnipotent in Milan as well. The locals like to mix pasta with vegetables and meat, creating absolutely delicious dishes. You can always try „tortelli di zucca”, which is ravioli stuffed with pumpkin or noodles mixed with potatoes, cabbage and of course cheese that the locals call “pinzoccheri”.

Are you fond of meat? Do not panic. Milanese has it all, in all forms and varieties. If you like dry beef just go for “bresaola”, if you want to try thinly sliced ray beef, then go for “carpaccio” and if you wish some roast meat just order some “arrosto”.

Here is also a short list of some traditional Milanese dishes that you should try: La Buseca, La Cassoeula, La Cotoletta, L’Ossobuco and Il risotto alla Milanese.

Traditional Restaurants

A perfect place to relax in a calm atmosphere and to enjoy to the full a dish of traditional Milanese food is Trattoria Casa Fontana. You will find it in Piazza Carbonari, but be aware that it is closed on Saturday afternoon and on Monday. The house specialty is the rice, cooked in various combinations. You will have the pleasure to choose from no less than 23 different types of risotto. In the evening you can even order an all-rice menu.

Another perfect place to spend some wonderful time would be Da Berti, located on Via Algarotti. This place serves traditional Milanese dishes since 1866, not having disappointed its customers during all this time. A must try specialty is “Magnum alla Berti”, consisting of veal shank with saffron rice. Just order an old wine and enjoy the evening. This restaurant is closed only on Saturday, so pay attention to when you decide to pass by.

Just like the Italian cuisine, the delicious Milanese cuisine makes no exception to the rule. From pizza to pasta, rice to meat, there is nothing your heart desires that you will not find in here. Just book a table and let the flavors invade your senses.

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