The historical background of Naples


A city will reveal itself differently if you know how to discover it. Travelling does not mean only eating new dishes, seeing different buildings and meeting the locals. Travelling means trying to put the pieces together so that you can understand a city’s present through the events and stories of its past. It is like trying not to judge a person by making sure you have all the details of his/her life and all the circumstances. Therefore if you ever plan to see the south part of Italy, do read carefully the historical background of Naples. I can guarantee that your visit will be even more exciting.

The beginnings


Naples played a really important role in the European history, having been the capital of duchies, kingdoms and even empires and having seen many civilizations come and go. It was founded by the Greeks that came to colonize the south ofItaly, first under the name of Parthenope, but afterwards, after the influence of the Etruscans was renamed as Neapolis (New Cityin Greek).

During the Roman era, the city turned into a flourishing centre of the Hellenistic culture, Romans from all over the place came here to find out more about this fascinating culture. The quality of life inNaplesimproved drastically.

But when the Lombards invaded and conquered a major part of Italy, Naples stayed faithful to the  Byzantine Empire.

The story goes on…


Naples was one of the most important centers of the Renaissance. Although the Spanish rule that followed introduced heavy taxation, it also improved the conditions ofNaples, which turned into the second largest city in the number of population, after Paris. The population rebelled against the oppressive Spanish domination, declaring the city a Republic and asked for the French support. They never managed to accomplish they plans, even more a period of decline began for this amazing Italian city.

In the 19th century Napoleon conquered the Kingdom of Naples, but in 1861 the Garibaldines freed the city and returned it to the King of Sardinia.


During the 2nd World War Naples was the only city that rebelled against the Nazi military occupation. Although in time it turned into one of the most important transportation hub, the organized crime, together with the underdeveloped industry and high unemployment rate has led Naples to struggle for quite a period. Therefore traces of the historical background of Naples can be seen even nowadays, as even though hard times came, this amazing city has managed to make it in the end.

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