The Monza Grand Prix for Formula 1 Lovers

Gran Premio di Monza is a race occurring in Monza, Italy.

Also known under the name of “La Pista Magica”, The Monza Grand Prix for Formula 1 has something special that gives you a great feeling of excitement, especially if you are a Ferrari fan.

The Monza circuit is one of the most interesting, embodying the joy and thrill of a great race. The biggest event held here is the Formula One Italian Grand Prix.

The site contains of 3 tracks – the Grand Prix track (3600 meters), the Junior track (1494 meters) and a high speed track with steep bankings (2641 meters).

The circuits

The Curva di Lesmo, the Curva Parabolica and the Variante Ascari are some of the features included in the main track.

This circuit has been built in 1922 by engineers Alfredo Rosselli and Piero Puricelli and is dripping with history. The inaugural race was the second edition of the Italian Grand Prix, held in September 3rd, 1922.

The Monza Grand Prix for Formula 1 was also the scene of many accidents, especially during the first years of Formula 1 World Championship. It has killed 52 pilots and 35 spectators. There have been many experimental tracks causing these accidents and so, in 1954 officials redrew a circuit that, by combining the part and the ring road with its two speed banked turns, develops another 10 km of track. The cars move along the main straight.

The infrastructure

The infrastructure was also updated and enhanced in order to improve the care of teams and spectators. The Automobile Club of Italy hosted the 500 miles (805 kilometers) of the Race of Two Worlds (500 Miglia di Monza), a test that compares the US Indy Cars and Formula 1. Only 2 editions were held, in 1957 and 1958 at the end of June.

Played in three sets of 63 laps an hour apart, the test was called “Monzanopolis”. However, the European driver, lacking the expertise, had only Maserati representing the old continent. American teams have brought special Firestone tires, reinforced to withstand high speeds. Therefore, races were won by Jimmy Bryan and Troy Ruttman.

The Grand Prix cars (since 1922) and Grand Prix Riders (1949) bring increasing speed every year. Two baffles, the first up to the pit exit and Ascari, behind the circuit are added in 1972, the length of the track moves to 5755 km.  The Moto GP continues to use the track without baffles and two serious accidents occur in 1973.

Long straights and tight chicanes, this is what Monza offers to its drivers. So, it’s clear that good braking, stability and traction are highly important.

Because Monza has only 3 proper corners, the two Lesmos and the Parabolica, the Formula 1 cars are designed so that they have minimal wing angle, while maintaining the best performance on the straights.

The track is gradually upgraded and changes occur every year, making it a great experience for both drivers and lovers of Formula 1.

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