The most beautiful parks and gardens in Turin

You should know by now that even if you are planning for a relaxing and peaceful vacation, when it comes to visiting a place that cannot be taken into consideration. You need to walk for miles, buy tickets, look for ways or find your way, see as much as possible, interact with the locals etc. All these might make you ask yourself why didn’t you opt for a truly relaxing holiday on a famous beach where you can simply lye on the hot sand and enjoy the peacefulness. That is why I strongly recommend any tourist to introduce in their busy program of visiting a city a day when they should simply relax and enjoy the nature. Therefore let’s find out which are the most beautiful parks and gardens in Turin:

1. Parco del Valentino


Parco del Valentino is one of the most beautiful places in Turin, lying along Po River. Historians have not elucidated yet the meaning of its name. Some say that it has Roman origins, others that Valentino comes from the name of an old chapel that you could find in Antique time in this place.

This amazing oasis of tranquility is famous because of its natural beauty, because of Valentino Palace that you can admire and get to know better, but most important of all due to the many floral exhibitions that took place here. Do not miss the di Cepi fountain!

2. The Botanical Garden


The Botanical Garden (Orto Botanico in Italian) is located right in Parco del Valentino, on Viale Pier Andrea Mattioli. This breathtaking place is home of more than 3500 species, offering a wonderful trip in the world of plants and flowers. What you might want to know is that the Botanical Garden is opened in weekend and during the warmer months and an admission fee is charged.

3. Parco della Pelerina

Parco della Pelerina can also be considered the central park of Turin, not necessarily from the point of view of its popularity, but of its dimensions. It lies on almost 87 hectares. Simply imagine yourself taking a walk on the wonderful alleys of this amazing place, admiring the landscape and why not, enjoying a refreshing and delicious gelato. Parco della Pelerina offers basically everything you wished for from jogging or bike tracks to lakes, special places for playing tennis or ping-pong.


Such other places, which can be included in the category of the most beautiful parks and gardens in Turin are: Parco della Colletta, Rignon Park, Colonnetti Park etc.

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