The specialties Florentine cuisine

The specialties of Florentine cuisine are very much influenced by the wonderful history and culture of the region it belongs to, more exactly to the amazing Tuscany. The dishes’ main characteristics are simplicity and abundance. The locals lay a great emphasis on a mixture of condiments and specific ingredients that give a special flavor to each dish. The white beans represent an important part of the specialties of Florentine cuisine and it is usually cooked with olive oil and sage. Also the basic food is undoubtedly the bread, which comes in different shapes and tastes, whereas the most used ingredient is the olive oil, also served in different combinations and cooked for almost all kind of dishes.

The typical Florentine Menu

Just like in any other corner of Italy, the menu begins with the starters (in Italian antipasti). The Florentine antipasti usually consist of sliced salami and different types of cheese, like Marzolino and Pecorino. Marzolino is made of fresh sheep milk, whereas Pecorino is the same, with the slight different that you will find it in a wide variety: dry, soft, extra dry and so on.

For first courses you can choose from soups and pasta, to egg pasta, gnocchi and polenta or rice. As intermediate dishes you can try artichokes tart, tart with ham and cheese, onions filled with minced meat or tomatoes filled with rice. For second main course you can order meat or fish in different combinations and cooked in varied ways, served with side vegetables, such as boiled asparagus, mix salad, baked tomatoes, zucchini in pan etc.

The desert is also very rich and absolutely delicious. Tiramisu, apple cake, chestnut cake, Florentine biscuit will complete the flavor of these amazing tastes.

Most popular restaurants in Florence

 Did you gain some appetite only by reading these lines? Then let’s see which are the most popular restaurants in Florence where you can ease your hunger and enjoy the delicious local tastes.

Baldovino offer in a bright and colored ambient, right down the street from the church of Santa Croce, absolutely amazing first and second dishes. The menu changes monthly, managing to impress its clients continuously.

Obika, located on Via Tornabuoni, is famous for its absolutely delicious mozzarella, brought daily from southern Italy to become the center stage for the various salads and pastas. The professional staff and the well-priced wine list complete the reasons for a meal here.

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