Things to do at Lake Como


Europe’s deepest and third largest lake, Como is the perfect destination for tourists in search of breathtaking landscapes and picturesque cities. Once an area completed covered by glaciers, Lake Como represents nowadays not only the ideal holiday for movie stars and politicians, but also the much desired destination for people all over the world.  This place’s serenity, the pleasant climate, the welcoming locals are all contributing to a wonderful experience to which you can add as much adventure as you want. There are so many interesting things to do at Lake Como that you won’t even know where to start from

1. Biking

Lake Como is the perfect place for natural trails full of adventure and breathtaking scenery. Either going to the mountains or keeping the shore of the lake, these wonderful paths will lead your way to hidden pebbled-beaches with crystal-clear water.

If you don’t know where to rent your bike from, do not worry. Almost all hotels have bike rentals; you just need to ask at the reception. There is also the option to get your bike from various shops in the North, paying somewhere around 10-30 euro per hour depending on what type of bike you choose. However beware not to bike on the main road or through the tunnels as they are not only quite narrow but also very dangerous.

2. Boat Rental

What could you possibly do when you get to Lake Como if not renting a boat? It is one of the funniest way to explore the place and will certainly give you a wonderful experience and a perfect modality to admire the villas and churches, otherwise impossible to be noticed from the road.  Even though quite expensive, more precisely somewhere around 75 euro per hour, gas included, renting a boat will add flavor and adrenaline to your trip and will make you better understand the charm of lake.

You also have cheaper options, such as canoeing at only 19 euro per hour for a single or kayaks and rowboats.  Those fond of pure adrenaline and adventure can search for water-skiing and wake boarding and can check this site


There should not strike as a surprise that Lake Como is also the perfect place for fishing. Just book your ticket to Italy in the late summer , get a fishing licence from one of the local provincial offices, pay 20 euro for all the documents and start perparing for the day you have dreamed of all this time.

The list of the things to do at Lake Como should continue with: cooking, horse riding, hiking, sailing, golfing and many others. This place will offer eveything your heart desires. Just make a wish and start packing.

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