Things to do in Italy

If you are lucky enough to get a long holiday and enjoy it in an amazing country such as Italy then you should definitely have a plan B. After all the visiting, eating, having fun, reading, meeting new people there comes a moment when you start wondering what else you could do to discover every corner of that place and to fully understand its culture. There are several things to do in Italy that you should not miss and that will help you make your stay day even more pleasant. One should always try to experience as much as possible while visiting a foreign country, especially while on holiday and what could be more important than seeing its landmarks and tasting its food?

Ride a Vespa

Vespa is the ‘traditional’ Italian scooter made by Piaggio. It was manufactured for the first time in 1946 turning into a truly Italian brand with the passage of time. Vespa looks like a really funny scooter, usually painted in vivid colors, a flat floorboard and prominent front fairing. It is quite small, making you wonder if it has been designed according to the minuscule streets of the Italian cities or whether the picturesque Italian paths have been made especially for Vespa.

The locals will be shocked if you ever tell them you have never ridden a Vespa. Leaving aside the fact that it is a perfect way of seeing the surroundings riding this Italian scooter will instantly make you feel like being one of them. Just pay attention to the traffic and enjoy every moment!

Cooking classes in Italy

You might often hear that “In Italy la dolce vita is not a special occasion it is a way of life”. So why not learning how to take this lifestyle with you back home? This easygoing way of life is without any doubt linked to the way in which Italians eat and drink. And the whole world knows what I am talking about. There is nothing tastier and more famous than the Italian cuisine.

Are you sometimes craving for a pizza or some delicious pasta? It’s easy. When you get to Italy just pass one fruitful day in an Italian kitchen, discovering the mystery of this bitter sweet art called: cooking. A professional Italian chef will guide your way and solve your problems while you will be living an unforgettable experience. In Tuscany you will find the best classes ever. It will only cost you 14 euro per person and it will brighten your vacation. If you fell in love with this activity you can also book a weekly culinary adventure in Villa Pandolfini.

There are so many things to do in Italy you haven’t even imagined that it’s a pity to book only a few days for your vacation. Do you luggage, book your ticket and do not forget: Vespa and cooking classes are MUST!

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