Things to do in Verona


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When going on a holiday, besides the relaxing days when you can just doing nothing and enjoy the great weather, there are days when you need to keep yourself moving in order to discover new things, to meet new people and live new experiences. This is why it is always good to plan in advance so that the relaxing days are alternated with dynamic and moment full of fun, when you can explore the city and enrich your general culture.

Verona should make no exception to this plan and this is why we are going to present you a top of the things to do in Verona:

 Wandering the streets

I know it might sound strange to you, but you do not even know what you are missing if you don’t try this thing out. Just start on any street you like and enjoy its every aspect, and most important of all, do not forget to look up. Verona has many architectural pleasures to be spotted and many small clues that can tell you a lot about its past and people so it would be such a shame not to notice and admire these little details.

Some claim that the most charming small streets in Verona are the ones going to Corso Porta Nuova. They have a vibrant atmosphere making you feel like a lucky spectator. And remember, in Verona history is at every corner!

Admiring the Adige River

Verona Castelvecchio ©

Walking alongside Adige River, especially at night can be one of the most romantic things you could try in Verona. There is a nice sidewalk running on both sides of the river that will help you get closed to the breeze of the water. If you add to all this, a pinch of the incredible Medieval architecture and some beautiful bridges crossing the river, you get the perfect combination for the most unique and perfect view of the city. Just grab a cup of gelato and enjoy every moment.

Panoramic view of Verona

One of the things to do in Verona is also to make sure you enjoy the „silhouette” of the town. The Lamberti tower is the perfect place to do this, being considered the heart of Verona’s central historic district. It is 84 meters high, offering a breathtaking view over the city. You can either climb the stairs to the top or simply wait for the elevator. You will fall in love with Verona and the surrounding mountains. That I can guarantee you!

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