Things you didn’t know about Italy

Boot-shaped peninsula, an icon of the world’s fashion, home of the delicious pizza and pasta, shelter of spectacular nature, mother of beautiful and welcoming people, homeland of Ferrari and Maserati, Italy can be easily recognized due to these unique characteristics. But have you ever wondered what you DON’T KNOW about this wonderful land. Millions of tourists visit this amazing country every year,  so it might be fun to unearth a couple of curiosities about one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Are there any things you didn’t know about Italy that might turn your world upside down right away?

Things you didn’t know – History

Have you ever heard that the Italian capital, Rome is also known under the name of “the Eternal City” as it is almost 3000 years old?  According to the legend, the city was founded by Romulus and Remus somewhere around 21st of April 753 BC. These two twin brothers decided to set up a city, but during a disagreement between the two on where the city should be built, Remus got killed. Thus Romulus names the newly created city after himself.

Italy can brag with one of the most glorious histories in the world as the famous Roman Empire reached its limits to Portugal in the west and Syria in the east, whereas in the North was stretching from Britain to the desserts of North Africa in the south. It sheltered no less than 120 million people and the capital Rome was made up of 13.000 citizens.

Things you didn’t know – Geography

Italy has one of the largest numbers of inhabitants in Europe, being also the most crowded nation. The population is even denser in the rich part of Northern Italy, which shelters no less than half of country’s citizens.

Travelling Italy means never get bored, as four-fifths of the country represents either mountains or hills. (The Dolomite Mountains, the Alps, the Apennines, the Po Valley etc)

Nowhere in Europe will you find so many volcanoes as in this blessed country. There are three important volcanoes that have erupted in the past hundred years: Etna on the island of Sicily, Stromboli and Vesuvius, near the famous city of Naples, which has remained the only still active volcano on the continent.  Their presence has caused the highest number of earthquakes than any other European country.

Things you didn’t know – Culture

Due to its amazing past Italy is considered the country with more historical masterpieces per square than any other country on Earth.

“Pizza” can easily be ranked near Coca-Cola as one of the most famous words being internationally understood. Pizza has been invented somewhere around 1860 in Naples, when the peasants used to eat flat bread which they called “pizza”. Queen Margherita (from here the name of the popular Pizza Margherita) liked this combination so much that decided to introduce this dish in the royal cuisine. Together with the skilled baker Raffaele, they invented different typed of pizza that then migrated to the New Continent once with the Italians.

The name of Volt, the measurement of electricity, roots from the name of the Italian Alessandro Volta, the inventor of the battery.

Italy can also be proud of the following personal inventions: the ice cream cone, the thermometer, the cologne, the eyeglasses, the espresso machine, the telephone.

More interesting secrets on Things you didn’t know about Italy in a future post – just stay tuned.

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