Tips and tricks for visitors in Florence


It is always useful to know all the little tricks that can make you stay more comfortable or that could help you gain some more extra time for visiting. This is why it is worthwhile going through Tips and tricks for visitors in Florence. Just reserve a few minutes and I can assure you will not regret it

Travelling cheaper


Are you travelling on a low budget? The cheapest flights near Florence would be the airlines flying to Pisa. From there the best way to get to the city would be by train. It is not only cheaper but also safer and easiest.

A view you cannot miss

The one thing you cannot possibly miss when getting to Florenceis the breathtaking view from the Duomo. Make sure you book a considerable amount of time for this, as the queue will be quite long and the stairs to climb quite numerous, but I can guarantee that any effort will be worthwhile.

Free parking


If you are getting to Florence by car than it would be useful for you to know that Piazzale Michelangelo offers free parking, no matter the time and the day of the week. From here to the city downtown it will only take you 10 minutes.

Booking tickets

For a three euro surcharge you can book tickets for several museums, saving thus one or two hours of waiting in line. You will receive a booking number and you will pay at the ticket office.


Right in the heart ofFlorenceyou will come across an amazing bookstores selling new or even secondhand books at maximum 1 euro or even free.

Visit Fiesole

Just buy a ticket at any tabaco and take bus no 7 that will leave you in the square inFiesole. You will spend a perfect day over there. I can guarantee this to you. Order a cocktail at the Blu Bar, enjoy a pizza and wander through the amazing streets of this place.



Go to south of Florence to the designers outlets where you can purchase amazing clothes designed by Gucci, Armani, Prada etc at bargain prices.

Il Rifrullo

Il Rifrullo is a great restaurant with a great view and a unique atmosphere. The staff here is really professional and the dishes absolutely delicious.  This place is also close to Piazzale Michelangelo and Ponte Vecchio.

I hope these Tips and tricks for visitors in Florence have helped you reveal the city’s hidden secrets. Just start the adventure.

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