Tips for Tourists in Italy

A well knows saying states that “Prevention is better than cure”. This might sound a little dramatic, but why not preventing from going through embarrassing or even dangerous situations when traveling to your favorite country? Tips for Tourists in Italy aims at giving you some useful advice about what to do and avoid when visiting this amazing peninsula. The following tips might prove to be useful even if you would think thinks like these could never happen to you. One must always be careful with one’s belongings, the gifts and souvenirs bought as well as the money spent and it is better to avoid unpleasant experiences.

Export gifts

If you have laid your eyes on a breathtaking Roman vase and you found the perfect place where it would fit in your home, maybe is better to think twice. You might want to know that some antiques that are considered as part of the patrimony of Italy may NOT be exported. Please make sure that the piece of art that you chose does not belong to this category before purchasing it. There are plenty of amazing souvenirs to buy in Italy that are actually legal to bring home. Try to choose items that will not create you problems with the Italian authorities. You can buy handmade items, wine, clothes, perfume and the list is endless.

Exchange Boots

The cheapest and safest exchange boots are the one located in the railway or airport vicinity. However they are usually open only from 8am to 8pm. Keep in mind that some of the “cambio” charge commission up to 1.5% as well as the local banks. If you ran out of euro at midnight maybe is better to exchange you money at the hotel you are staying.

Visiting Vatican

If your adventure has led your paces to Rome and visiting Vatican is a dream come true, bear in mind to have adequate clothes on you. Churches are places of worship and Italians show a great respect to this institution so please make sure you avoid shorts, sleeveless tops or short skirts. You can always buy a scarf to cover your shoulders at the boutiques nearby but do expect to pay much more than it would normally cost.

Lost and Found

If you lost something dear to you then ask for “Ufficio Oggetti Smarrity” at an info point. Do not lose time and action as soon as you realize that one of your objects is missing.


If you verify your check in a restaurant you will notice that usually a 15% appears as a separate item. However locals still leave an additional 5-10% tip for the waiter, depending on how satisfied they were with the services. Some restaurants state either at the entrance or on the menu that the cover and service charge are already included.


If you don’t want to lose contact of the events going on in your country, then look for language papers sold at the large newsstands, they call “edicole”. The newspapers are usually published daily with the exception of Sunday.

I hope that these Tips for Tourists in Italy has been helpful enough and that you will respect and bear in mind every single advice given here. Have fun and good luck!

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