Top 10 places to visit in Sardinia

Castelsardo, ©CdePaz/Flickr

In the middle of the Mediterranean lies a paradise called Sardinia. Obviously its main attractions are the sunny coasts and white, sandy beaches but there are many other places on the island that are worth seeing and discovering.  The beautiful sandy beaches may be the focus of attention but if you are already why not have a full experience.

You can explore the mountains, go snorkeling at Nora and see Roman ruins, shop in the Costa Smeralda or wander through Alghero and its historic, narrow streets. Choose any of the above and you shall be greeted by warm locals who truly make Sardinia a great place. As a pointer we made a top 10 that you might find interesting.

Maddalena Archipelago

In 1994 Maddalena Archipelago, which consists of seven major islands, was declared to be a Unesco World legacy of Sardinia. Its nature is preserved and has a breathtaking beauty. The waters are clean and crystal clear and if you pay a visit, you can see small beaches and caverns that can only be reached by boat.

Maddalena Archipelago, ©ComùnicaTI/Flickr

Chia beach

Chia beach is dominated by Parco Torre Chia, also known as the homonym tower. The area is famous for its transparent water and the nearby located archeological site called Nora, which is considered to be the most ancient town in Sardinia.

Chia beach, ©zipckr/Flickr

Nuraghe of Barumini

Being also a Unesco World heritage since 1997, Nuraghe of Barumini is worth visiting, for it is the most well-preserved and important among 7.000 nuraghe spread over the island.

Su Gorroppu gorge

In south-east Sardinia, Ogliastra we can find Europe’s deepest canyon called the Su Gorroppu gorge, where you can enjoy the island’s wildest nature and walk on a land that is hundreds of years old. Legend says that in Ogliastra there is a piece of land that is magical and anyone who walks on it will live a long life. Nobody knows exactly where it is, but if you are lucky enough you might find it.

Neptune Caves

Neptune Caves in Alghero, ©Cente!/Flickr

Neptune Caves are the most popular ones in Sardinia, which are to be found in Alghero. The caves were dedicated to Neptune, god of the sea. They can only be reached by ferry boats and a staircase with 600 steps. It might sound to be a difficult journey but when you reach to the top a stunning view over the coast and the sea reveals itself.

Murales of Orgosolo and Mamoiada Museum

Situated in the heart of Sardinia, in Barbagia, Nuoro are Mamoiada and Orgosolo, two traditionally Sardinian places. Orgosolo is famous for its wall paintings, the Murales, known as political paintings. There are about one hundred and fifty murales all over the town.  On the other hand Mamoiada has a museum called the Mediterranean mask museum that has on display traditional carnival masks.


La Conca in Carloforte, ©Ricardo Barquín Molero/Flickr

In south-west Sardinia lays the island of S. Pietro, which has only one municipality of 6.400, called Carloforte. It is a lovely place. It has pretty and small beaches, narrow streets. Carloforte has its own dialect which is unique in Sardinia.

Alghero e Bosa

On the north-western shores of Sardinia lays Bosa and Alghero, two charming and alluring cities worth visiting. Alghero has a Catalan past and the proof can be viewed in its historical centre. Bosa is a smaller town. Similarly to other river cities, Bosa also has its romantic charm with a heritage of traditions which are still kept alive.


Castelsardo, ©CdePaz/Flickr

Castelsardo, a charming medieval town, is one of the loveliest villages of Italy. Visiting this beautiful village you may have the chance to enjoy, from the top of Castle Doria, the view over Asinara bay.

Bastion of Saint Remy, Cagliari

In the heart of Cagliari, in the ancient quarters of Castello is situated the symbol of the city, the bastion of Saint Remy. Take a tour and enjoy the wonderful view from the Umberto I terrace.


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