Top 3 Amusement Parks in Italy

You must have had at least once one of those thoughts that told you to stop booking expensive cruises, to plan elaborated holidays with museums visits included or to spend your entire vacation lying on an exquisite but crowded beach and just start organizing a vacation full of genuine fun. Top 3 Amusement Parks in Italy will help you get a picture of the best options you have in this amazing country and will offer you all the tips in order to make your days there perfect. Amusement parks are the absolute most-fun places for kids and if you go to Italy and to an Italian amusement park also, your appetite for culture as well as your kids’ needs to adventure and fun.

1. Edenlandia

photo by manfrys/flickr

Located on Viale Kennedy in Naples, Edenlandia is one of the most famous amusement parks in Italy. It spreads over 50,000m2 and represents the perfect place for both adults and children to forget about the day to day worries and have the fun of their lives. The park is really modern and well equipped comprising ‘dangerous’ roller coasters, mini fountains, refreshments points, telephones, thematic representations and many more. You will feel like living in a dream for only 3 euro per person. Keep in mind that groups usually benefit from discounts and different promotions take place throughout the year.

The locations is easily accessible as you can either take the bus, the ANM line or the Cumana railway.

2. Mirabilandia

Mirabilandia is one of the biggest amusement park in Italy. It is located in Ravenna city right next to the well known beaches crowded with foreign tourists. Its biggest attraction is represented by a 100 meters wheel that can be immediately noticed right from the entrance. Among other amazing attractions you will be impressed with two breathtaking towers measuring 60 meters high. The roller coasters are also unique, as they take you through a mesmerizing aquarium.

Mirabilandia is opened from April to October from 10 am to 11 pm and the entrance fee is around 50 euro.

3. Gardaland

Gardaland is situated near Verona on the shore of Garda Lake. It has been set up in 1975 and is considered one of the biggest amusement parks in Europe. It is here that all what you have wished for pure adrenaline will come true. You can choose from over 70 different types of roller coasters…yes, you read well, 70! Gardaland’s biggest attraction is Corsari or the Pirates. It is an underground tunnel full of water that was built 30 or 40 meters under the earth. Other important attractions are represented by 5 D cinema, also the biggest on the continent.

Gardaland is modernised and ‘updated’ with the latest computerized inventions every year, as almost every machine in this park is automatically controlled by computers that do not require any human intervention.

Top 3 Amusement Parks ends here in the hope that you now feel even more ready to start your adventure, keeping in mind that there is no place in this world where you can have more fun than in Italy.




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