Top 3 Attractions in Venice

I’m sure you will find Venice one of the most charming locations you have ever seen.  Capital of region Veneto, with a population of almost 280,000, this wonderful city has impressed the world with its small streets creating a mesmerizing labyrinth, the unique bridges washed by the crystal blue rivers and the warm and friendly Italians. Venice has often been described by the magazines as one of Europe’s most romantic cities whereas Luigi Barzini, in The New York Times depicted it as “undoubtedly the most beautiful city built by man”.

Have I stirred your curiosity? Then let’s have a look at Top 3 Attractions in Venice

1.     Piazza San Marco

Just imagine yourself walking though the picturesque streets of the Venetian city, looking for signs that will take you to the long waited St Mark’s Square, when out of the sudden the marks disappear and an enormous public square surrounded by unique buildings takes your breath away.  The Piazza is dominated in the east by church St Mark, beyond that is the Clock Tower and in a corner you will find the Doges Palace. The Piazzetta (or the little Piazza) represents an extension of the Piazza which heads towards the wonderful lagoon. Do not even think about coming to Venice and not seeing this marvellous scenery called: Piazza San Marco.

2.     Doges Palace

Dodges Palace is a spectacular gothic palace, residence of the Doge of Venice, once the supreme authority of the Republic of Venice. It still seems to be telling the story of the aristocratic elite that has to face the average people who were allowed to submit written complaints at what is now known under the name of the Bussola chamber. This place also reminds of the old prison that was once built here, where the famous Giacomo Casanova created a flavoured story.

3.     Bridge of Sights

The New Prison and the palace are connected across the Rio de Palazzo by the popular Bridge of Sights (Ponte dei  Sospini).  It was built in the 17th century by Antoni Contino  and represents the last view the prisoners could have of Venice before being sent to jail. Its name is quite suggestive standing for the reaction the convicts had at their last view for the beautiful Venice through the window.  In reality this place was no longer used as a prison when this part was constructed and anyways very less could be seen from inside due to the stone grills that covered the windows.

Keep in mind that Top 3 Attraction in Venice are only a few meters away from one another. Just get to Piazza San Marco and follow your instincts, you will be allured by these amazing places.

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