Top 3 Events you should not miss in Naples


Just like all around Italy, people fromNapleshave celebrations and local events almost every month. If you wish to plan your trip around such occasions, then make sure you book your tickets on the correct dates. As you might expect, get prepared for lots of fun and new information, interesting traditional rituals and yummy food.

Therefore let’s find out which are the Top 3 Events you should not miss in Naples:

1. Maggio dei Monumenti (May of the Monuments)


If you are travelling on a low budget, then May is the perfect month for visiting Naples. For one month, from the 2nd of Mat till the 2nd of June, this amazing city celebrates the May of Monuments. This means that some of castles, tours, churches or any other interesting highlights of the area that have been closed throughout the year open their gates for the public. Some managers decide to reopen the doors of some monuments after restoration during this time of the year and what is even more attracting is that the entrance is free. Therefore besides the fact that you get all the cool stuff, you can also do it for free. Do not miss!

2. Pizzafest

Pizzafest is purely heaven. Besides the fact that the Italian pizza is absolutely delicious, you will have the privilege to taste it in the place where this entire crazy culinary story began: Naples. If you add to these amazing ‘ingredients’ the idea of a fest celebrating this delicious dish I am sure you will book a ticket right away. When? September should be, more exactly from the 11th till the 13th of  September. For more information check out this site:

3. The Piedigrotta Festival

Since you came in September for the unique Pizzafest, this is the perfect moment to attend the Piedigrotta Festival as well, one of Naples most symbolic event. Between the 4th and the 14th September several concerts are being held in Piazza Pebliscito and Rotonda Diaz, where national and international singers gather to celebrate this important event of the year dedicated to Madonna of the Piedigrotta. What not many might know is that songs such as ‘O sole mio’ or ‘Funiculi Funicola’ have been composed for this concert and sang here for the first time.

I hope this Top 3 Events you should not miss in Naples article has shed some light on the time of the year when to plan a trip in this side of the world. Therefore just make up your mind and let the party begin.

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