Top 3 Italian destinations

I don’t think there is one passionate traveler in this world that hasn’t thought to insert among his objectives: visiting Italy. The question that arises afterwards is: OK, but what exactly should I see first? Rome would be anyone’s first answer, and although it is beautiful and very popular, you might want to get off the beaten track by visiting some other, similarly amazing cities. Top 3 Italian Destination is a short guide that intends to clarify such exhausting questions and of course to bring enough arguments in order to convince you its choices, guaranteed as being the best. The following cities are some of the pearls of this ancient countries and some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

1.     Florence

Though it might take you by surprise the capital of this amazing country won’t be the first choice. Florence is more than any Italian city, it impresses with its intimate atmosphere, small and picturesque streets, spectacular views, amazing gardens, historic architecture, romantic bridges, love, poetry, music, feeling of peace and fulfillment.

Florence is the capital of the region of Tuscany being considered the place of birth of the Renaissance. The city is crossed by the River Arno and the wonderful hills surrounding it make it one of the most romantic towns on the earth. What’s really unique about this place is that its every corner is so full of history and stories that even if you get lost you will come across one of its many amazing museums. Just to mention a few: Basilica of Santa Croce, Basilica of Santa Maria Novella, Basilica of San Lorenzo, Uffizi, Palazzo Vecchio, Museo dell’Opera del Duomo etc

2.     Venice

Venice, writer’s favorite muse and film director’s most wanted setting is the place where imagination can go wild. The city is not that big but its mystery will allure you and will surely make you forget not only about the time but also about all the other problems.  The amazing streets creating almost a labyrinth and the small bridges washed by the blue canals will make you feel like you have reached wonderland.

The best possible time to visit Venice is definitely during the Carnival, usually taking place at the end of February beginning of March. It is then that you will have the feeling that you’ve just entered an incredible story that you wish it never ends. Tourist attending the festival will give you the impression that you travel during the Babel Tower times and masks will remind you of the celebrations people used to throw in order to hide the discrepancy between social classes.

3.     Trieste

Trieste is an amazingly beautiful city located in the north east of Italy, right on the border with Slovenia. It is surrounded by everything a tourist can desire: ancient architecture, the Adriatic Sea and the Kras Plateau, which looks like a veritable mountain. Just like over Italy, Trieste’s geographical position has created a perfect climate with warm temperatures that start at the beginning of March an end once October ends. So, if you plan to visit this beautiful city, make sure you stay away from winter months when it is mostly foggy and the humidity is pretty high.

Preferring certain places to others might be indeed a matter of tastes but Top 3 Italian destinations has brought enough evidence to convince you that your journey through Italy should definitely start in the North. Just pack and begin the adventure.

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