Top 3 most beautiful churches in Perugia


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Perugia is a famous artistic and cultural centre of Italy. People from all over the world come here to simply find out more about the Etruscan civilization and to enlarge their horizons on the glorious past Perugia has so many stories to tell about. Every corner of this amazing city has a story of its own, but the most eloquent such places are without trace of doubt the palaces, museum and churches.

Perugia can brag with a large variety of imposing churches with sumptuous interiors and breathtaking architecture. Let’s discover together a top 3 most beautiful churches in Perugia.

1. The Cathedral of San Lorenzo

The Cathedral of San Lorenzo represents the main religious edifice of the town, being located on the north of Piazza IV Novembre, facing the Fontana Maggiore and the Palazoz dei Priori. The Cathedral was built in the 14th century by Fra Bevignate, however the main façade was never completed. What will impress you is the pink and white marble decorating the exterior and the dramatic Gothic architecture dominating the interior. A rich variety of sculptures and paintings will impress you, from the altarpiece by Signorelli to the sculptures by Duccio.

Also wonderful stories are closely related to this place, such as the discovery of Pietra della Giustizia (Justice Stone) used by the city to announce that it finished paying its public debt or the external pulpit from where an anti-homosexual priest, Saint Bernandine of Siena, used to preach.

2. Church and abbey of San Pietro

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The abbey of San Pietro should be placed in a top 3 most beautiful churches in Perugia due to what many say having the finest art collection after Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria. This Benedictine sacred place was built in the 10th century and can brag with amazing frescoes and paintings signed by important artists such as Giovanni Maria Bisconti, Giorgio Vasari, Perugino etc. The wooded choir has also been ranked among the most beautiful such pieces of art in Italy. The church also has a courtyard leading to an amazing garden, a piece of oasis and a perfect viewing point on the valley.

3. Basilica of San Domenico

What many might not know is that the design of Basilica of San Domenico was used as a source of inspiration for the construction of the Cathedral of San Lorenzo. San Domenico will impress you with its Gothic influences visible in the external walls, the chapel and the apse window and with its agitated and problematic past, having faced any demolitions, but standing still and looking towards the sky nowadays.


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