Top 3 Restaurants in Naples


The Neapolitan cuisine is pretty much an emblem of the Italian one. Besides representing the birthplace of the very famous pizza, the dishes served in this region have all the ingredients of the specific Italian products: tomatoes, olive oil, eggplants, onion, garlic, oregano and the delicious home-made bread. The principal source of protein is represented by the seafood, with all its variety from clams and shrimp to octopus and mussels.

Needless to mention the absolutely fantastic restaurants, that will turn your trip not only into an extraordinary experience but also a life-changing ‘adventure’. If keep your mind and your senses open, a simple dinner in Naples might help you never look at the Italian cuisine in the same way.

Therefore let’s find out the Top 3 Restaurants in Naples

Number 3: Cavour

Locates in Piazza Garibaldi, Cavour restaurant is the perfect balance between tradition and innovation. You will find wonderful 10 euro dinner special that changes every night and absolutely delicious cocktails. The atmosphere is really pleasant and the staff very friendly and helpful.

Number 2: Umberto

Located near Piazza dei Martiri, Umberto is a gem of a find. It was opened back in 1916 as a small trattoria and since then it did its best to be one of the best restaurants in Naples.

 Umberto offers excellent value for money, with a sensational menu and an impeccable service. Do try the fantastic zuppa di pesce (fish soup) and the delicious risotto for the second course. If you want to taste the traditional spaghetti, you can order spaghetti alla vongole or pamigiana melanzane. All these fantastic dishes are accompanied by a good choice of local wines. The prices are affordable and the entire experience is definitely worthwhile.

Number 1: Antica Pizzeria Port Alba

Antica Pizzeria Port Alba is considered one of Naples oldest pizzeria (opened in 1830), which also means that it is one of the oldest pizzeria in the world. If you do not read this article, you might pass by this place, not even realizing what you could be missing. Lost somewhere between two old bookstores, this pizzeria is quite difficult to spot. However do not miss it!!

The crust of any pizza you might order is golden brown which contrasts with the delicious and fresh white buffalo mozzarella. Unlike the other European or American pizzas, what is special about the pizza served here is the mixture of the creamy mozzarella and the locally grown tomatoes, that once cooked, turn into an amazing sauce that not only melt  into your mouth but also makes the crust a little softer and not that dry. Order any pizza you might find interesting and you will not be disappointed. Antica Pizzeria Port Alba is definitely number one in a Top 3 Restaurants in Naples.

Despite its long history its owners managed to transform it into the perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

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