Top 3 restaurants in Turin



Gastronomy in Turin is a veritable piece of art. All dishes are exquisitely prepared if you know the right places to go to, as the Piedmontese cuisine pays attention to every detail and also focuses on the general ensemble, without neglecting the relationship with the customer and the importance of the atmosphere in a restaurant.

Turin’s cuisine is also famous for its amazing wines that keep company to almost all dishes and complete this specific tastes and flavors.

I would say not to loose ourselves into details and check out what is the Top 3 restaurants in Turin:

1. La Gola


La Gola is without doubts, one of the best restaurants in Turin. The food is simply delicious and I can guarantee you will find at least one dish that you will consider the best course you have ever tried in your entire life. You will easily notice that this amazing place is frequented by locals quite a lot, which confirms the good reviews it has and the finger-licking food it serves.

You might consider it interesting to know the story of this restaurant’s owner. His name is Domenico Cairola and he was a famous alpine climber sixteen years ago. He gave up to this sport after a terrifying accident one of this friend had, when he decided to stay beside him all night at 30 below. He then lost most of his toes from frostbite and that is how his whole life changed, determining him to be of service to the people around him by offering them delicious dishes. He speaks little English, but I can guarantee you he is a delightful company and a great selector of wines.

2. Moreno

Moreno should also be included in a Top 3 restaurants in Turin, as this amazing place is considered the pioneer of the local cuisine. It is considered a master in choosing not only the right ingredients, but also the freshest ones. You might find the prices quite high, but the quality is also at the same level.

Moreno is located close to the historic Fiat Mirafiori Factory and has turned into a MUST visit place throughout these years.

3. Le Antiche Sere (The Ancient Evenings)


If you are looking for something less pretentious but you would still like to keep the high quality of dishes, then this authentic family owned trattoria piemontesi is what you are looking for. You might not have a diversified menu to choose from, but the food you will find there is absolutely delicious. The atmosphere is intimate; the dishes are truly specific and the prices not that high. However do make sure you make a reservation in advance as the place is quite frequented.

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