Top 3 tours inTurin


Sometimes, but only sometimes you feel so stressed and tired of your daily routine, that when you are planning a vacation, even the effort of establishing its every details is tiresome. Therefore what better solution could you find if not either hiring a tourism agency that will take care of your holiday or simply finding out more about the tours made in the city. Turinhas a wide and diversified offer when it comes to such ways of discovering it, therefore let’s review a Top 3 tours around Turin:

1.Turin Underground Tour


What could be more exciting and unique when visiting a destination if not discovering its most secret stories? What many might not know is that beneath the hectic and the bustling city of Turin, lays an unknown world waiting to be revealed. It’s a place where time seems to have stand still and where past stories are still alive. Turin Underground Tour will take you fifteen meters below the city, where the tunnels of the old citadel and the sub-cellars of the Baroque palaces are eager to impress you with their terrifying stories and undiscovered murders.

The tour lasts for about 3 hours and starts at 8:30pm, being therefore a night tour. Make sure you go to Piazza VittorioVeneto, no 5 at the previously mentioned hour and get ready for an unforgettable trip.

Turin Underground Tour costs around $ 37.

2. Magic Turin Evening Tour


As mentioned in article “Turin at first glimpse”, Turin is known as belonging to a “white magic triangle” together withLyonandPragueand to a “black magic triangle” withLondonandSan Francisco.

Even if you have never believed in magic before, you will simply be mesmerized by this magical mystery tour, which starts in Piazza Statuto, considered by the Romans, who founded Turin, as “the heart of darkness” of the city, where they used to bury dead people. This tour will also take you past scary monster statues, sinister architecture and will pinpoint a strange detail of the Duomo, the place that houses the Holy Shroud.

Magic Turin Evening Tour costs around $29.

3.Turin City Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

This suggestion, ranked on the 3rd place in our Top 3 tours in Turin, is nothing more than the classical way of visiting in the most comfortable and secure way all the beautiful sights of the city, the adjacent comments and stories included. The tickets are valid for 24 hours and cost around $ 20.

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