Top 3 villas to visit in Capri


The flower covered island of Capri surrounded by crystal-clear water and golden beaches is not only a place full of beauty and culture, but also a destination that impresses its visitors through its history and artistic wonders. What you might find interesting to know is that Emperor Tiberius himself, Augustus’ successor, was so mesmerized by this place that he built several villas on this breathtaking island and in 27 CE he decided to permanently move toCapri, running thus the empire from here for another 10 more years, until his death.

Nowadays the island still bears traces of this old and amazing Roman culture, therefore a top 3 villas to visit in Capri will help you not only to better plan your day accordingly, but to also admire what is considered the most attractive among the local villas.

Villa San Michele


Villa San Michele is one of the most popular in the top 3 villas to visit in Capri. It has been built around the 20th century by the Swedish physician Axel Munthe, who decided to make it his home. History has it that Villa San Michele has been built on the ruins of a chapel dedicated to San Michele, and has now been transformed into a museum. This place will impress you with a breathtaking panoramic view of Capri town, the Sorrentine Peninsula and Mount Vesuvius, but what will truly struck you with their beauty are the surrounding gardens, adorned with numerous relics and fountains.

Villa Jovis

Villa Jovis is the largest villa built by Emperor Tiberius, covering almost 1.7 acres. It is situated at the end of Viale Amedeo Maturi and it seems that the emperor decided to have it built here because of the privacy and security this place, right on the cliff’s edge, offered. Villa Jovis is built on several levels, which is quite an unusual fact for that era. Nowadays the complex is waiting for its visitors to tell them its amazing stories and help them discover this wonderful place.

Villa Lysis


Villa Lysis has been built due to the requirements of the industrialist and poet Jacques d’Adesward – Fersen, who got exiled from France after a public sex scandal with some schoolboys and nude ‘living pictures’ (a group of people posing an idea). Jacques chose therefore as destination of his exile, the island of Capri, where he purchased land and decided to build a house ‘dedicated to the youth of love’.



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